All managers need information to guide their financial and operational decisions and help them get everyone pulling in the same direction. However, with globalization and connectivity, many companies have become more geographically dispersed, more complex and thus more difficult to manage. The regulatory burden is also growing, and connectivity is forcing public companies to become more transparent. Reliable, timely management information is therefore essential.

e-Advisory Services provide an array of capabilities to support investment decision-making, backed by deep expertise across diverse industry sectors. We advise boards and company leadership on corporate growth and portfolio strategy, mergers and acquisitions strategy, exit strategy and other strategic alternatives, capital markets issues, major investments, optimal capital structure, and financial policy and help them to adopt a cost-effective finance model that supports operational and strategic decision making.

Our clients include private equity funds, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, investment banks, commercial banks, arrangers, strategic investors, and insurers. Our key areas of expertise:

  • Project Finance
  • Structured Finance
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Restructuring/workouts
  • Compliance and Control
  • Cash Management
  • Corporate growth strategies
  • Corporate performance management