Although demand is strong, the automation industry itself is undergoing a period of fundamental transformation. To seize the opportunities of the future, companies will need to integrate cost-optimized sensory technologies, mechanical components and control features. This has the potential to change existing processes fundamentally. Companies need to ask some crucial questions to survive-and even thrive-in the downturn:

  • How do we adapt to new markets that are different in terms of consumer demographics, local competitors, supplier base, and channel structures?
  • How do we redefine our market strategies to handle more-specific segmentation, challenging emissions regulations, and alternative drive-train technologies?
  • How should we react to new cooperation schemes between OEMs and suppliers as well as global consolidation throughout the industry?

Evantage Global practice in Automotive helps companies in virtually all areas of the automotive industry, as well as non-automotive companies focused on assembling products. Within the automotive industry, we serve the major automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers, their important component suppliers, material suppliers, and companies focused on downstream sales and distribution. Our work has involved almost every major vehicle-system, assembly, and component group. We assist our client in the areas of:

  • Automotive OEMs
  • Automotive Suppliers
  • Machinery Industry