The financial services sector is facing major challenges worldwide. Rapidly shifting parameters and dramatic increase in competitive intensity are making it ever harder for companies to pursue business models that are stable in the long term.

Many regulators will insist that banks hold larger capital buffers over the cycle, which will affect the make-up and strategic direction of many institutions. Banks being resuscitated by government funds are likely to concentrate on their core competencies and existing customer relationships. Those that are unhindered by large state shareholdings and substantial write-downs will have significantly more flexibility to strengthen their competitive position through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions.

Evantage Global practice works with leading financial institutions around the world to help them improve their competitive advantage in these challenging times. We work with our clients on the critical challenges they face today such as:

  • Corporate & Industrial Banking
  • Retail & Business Banking
  • Wealth & Asset Management
  • Insurance
  • Public Policy
  • Corporate Finance and Advisory
  • Strategic Information Technology and Operations
  • Finance & Risk