Information Technology has changed from standalone hardware and software to full systems. Consequently, the IT industry landscape has changed over recent years from fragmented product vendors to integrated solution providers. In coming years, High Tech executives will have to remain focused on improving the bottom-line operational costs while investing in innovations that hold out the promise of top-line growth.

New delivery models for products and services are also an imperative. Software, once measured by site licenses and annual maintenance fees, is increasingly being offered on a subscription basis and in other dynamic pricing models. New relationships will also be key, especially in consumer electronics where traditional hardware manufacturers and software developers must now partner with content makers and distributors to create mutually beneficial platforms.

At Evantage Global, our work is a profound understanding of technology buyer’s needs and purchasing behaviors, including their technology adoption strategies, deployment/replacement planning, vendor selection and feature requirements. We use this customer-centric thinking to help our sell-side clients adapt their sales and service propositions to emerging realities, as the technology buy-side becomes ever more dependent on robust and flexible technical infrastructures. We offer services in the areas of:

  • Business Strategy
  • Operations
  • R&D and Technology
  • Sales and Marketing effectiveness