Technological change and globalization are positive drivers for growth and prosperity. Governments are shaping this process, but also have to adapt to the new environment. Dynamic globalization is increasing the need for international alliances and joint initiatives to meet challenges such as climate change and terrorism.

At the same time, international trade and capital flows are leading to ever increasing competition between countries, thus putting pressure on domestic policies. Labor cost advantages in developing countries are decreasing opportunities for low-skilled labor in developed countries as production is outsourced. The resulting unemployment is testing public administration and finances. In addition, demographic change is challenging the established social security systems and calling for major shifts in the social architecture.

At Evantage Global, our recommendations always have the customer in mind, transforming historically highly bureaucratic organizations into lean providers. We work very closely with our clients to guide them through this transition process, ensuring stakeholder buy-in and training of key parties in the organization. Our specialized service areas include:

  • Service and process improvements
  • Organizational restructuring and re-alignment
  • Performance management and improvement
  • Procurement and cost optimization